Resilient.World is founded upon decades’ worth of supply chain management and operational risk mitigation experience with Fortune 500 companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations.  Operating through a curated partner network, we provide comprehensive CSR services from research and auditing, to crisis communications, training, and executive education – all tailored to provide actionable insight into every link in the global supply chain.


Beyond the immediate goals of transparency and operational integrity, our additional services are built on the founding principle that for each supply chain actor to benefit in the long term, stable, sustainable, mutually profitable, and secure practices must be established in the short term.   Beyond the boardroom, we seek to build real resilience for the individuals and communities that make up the essential links in local or extended supply chains, applying practical interventions that address the root causes of identified issues.


Supported by experience and expertise in infrastructure, technology and education, we believe that our services represent the next step in proactive corporate social responsibility programmes.  We aim to create a resilient world by cultivating the ability for corporations, communities, producers and manufacturers alike to thrive in the face of unprecedented challenges.



Resilient.World is located in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, but maintains close partner networks across the globe.


Contact our head office at the number below, or add us on Skype for a quick and free conversation.  If you prefer to type, or if English is not your native language, please email us and we’ll do our utmost to help.