Challenge circle


Humanity’s place in the modern world is beset by challenges.  These are broad environmental, political and economic forces that affect us all, but disproportionately so those in volatile industries and regions.  The most pressing and complex of these challenges include:


Producers circle


A significant percentage of all essential and commodity crops are grown by small-hold farmers – families or individuals operating on no more than two hectares of land, in some of the most world’s most challenging environments.


These food and material producers often operate at subsistence level, achieving just enough of a yield year on year to remain in business, but often without sufficient profitability to invest in the infrastructure, support and education that might allow them to face up to these challenges.

Materials circle


Emerging markets remain the major destinations for brands and retailers looking to manufacture their products at the most competitive price.


A number of workplace tragedies have demonstrated, though, that distance is often at odds with oversight; failures in workplace safety, working or environmental conditions, coupled with local regulatory lapses, alarm consumers and brands alike.

Fragile links circle


These producers and manufacturers serve as the operational foundations of multinational corporations and small enterprises alike.


Macro-level challenges like those listed in our charter give rise to micro-level effects that are most keenly felt by those already at risk – either through constrained profits, or because their business operates one drought or failed crop away from dissolution.

Insight circle


In supply chains that are not transparent, a brand’s first exposure to the direct effects of these challenges is likely to be the moment they begin to damage its reputation or even its ability to continue operating.


Even with audits in place, a sourcing manager may be unaware that his or her orders were subcontracted to the lowest local bidder, or that middle men have been masking the true vulnerabilities of the bottom-line producers of their essential crops.

Services circle


At Resilient.World, we transform hands-on experience of managing crisis communications, proactive research, auditing and technology for some of the planet’s largest brands into tailored strategic services suitable for businesses of any shape and size.


Our goal is to understand and mitigate operational risk, establish resiliency in the face of complex challenges, and support mutual profitability at every link in the supply chain.

Intervention circle


Although mutual profitability is key to fostering a stable base of suppliers, less direct challenges over which money can exert little influence are still capable of plunging producers and factories alike into poverty.


Our curated network of partners can deploy proven health education, micro-business skills transfer, agroecology leadership, and even hardware and infrastructure designed to create sustainable businesses that serve as a nexus for growth in their local communities.