Scanning Horizons

In 2005 the Internet witnessed a new craze: Chuck Norris ‘facts’. My son and his friends delighted in hunting down new and more outlandish statements regarding the prowess of the martial arts actor, sharing them with anyone they could corner....

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Poultry, black swans and The Modern Slavery Act

I’ve heard the joke a hundred times, a thousand times, before…   Eve: “Dad, why did the chicken cross the road?” Me (sigh): “I don’t know Eve, why did the chicken cross the road?” Eve: “To get to the other side!” (Peals of eight-year-old laughter) Time for a cold drink. And then, mind blown: Eve: “Get it? He wanted to get run over, get killed and see what it was like ON THE OTHER SIDE!”   What?! I’ve heard that joke a hundred,...

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CSR is Dead

“Corporate Social Responsibility is dead…”   Possibly not the wisest statement for someone to make whose career it is to develop social and environmental programmes for the corporate sector. Nevertheless I believe it’s true, although not for the reasons one may think.   I remember making a presentation some years ago to a senior Bishop, describing the efforts my employer at the time was making to address social and environmental challenges faced by communities throughout its supply chain. This...

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Digital Transformation: A Whole-Business Initiative

Any successful IT project will be closely aligned with your broader business strategy.  After all, the requirement to adopt an enterprise solution is typically made at the business level, so it follows that the project itself should be informed by business objectives and priorities.   Marrying the immediate-term goals of an implementation project with the longer-term goals of the business as a whole can help to ensure that you allocate the right resources, establish reasonable timescales, and...

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“Getting ahead of the curve”

‘The Longest Day’. Released in 1962, nominated for five Oscars (the film won two), with a stellar cast including John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, Sean Connery. A black and white film, but one that even 50 years on is invariably included in listings of the top 100 movies of all time. If you want a sense of the colossal forces brought to bear in the closing years of WW2, this is the...

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PLM, Helping to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

On a personal level, our style and methods of living determine the amount of greenhouse gases we contribute to the global environment.  Discounting natural sources and focusing on the carbon dioxide we produce through transport, food, fuel, services and so on allows to calculate what’s commonly referred to as our “carbon footprint”.   Whether we like to dwell on the fact or not, the choices we make and the habits we fall into – whether we bike...

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