Digital Transformation: A Whole-Business Initiative

Any successful IT project will be closely aligned with your broader business strategy.  After all, the requirement to adopt an enterprise solution is typically made at the business level, so it follows that the project itself should be informed by business objectives and priorities.   Marrying the immediate-term goals of an implementation project with the longer-term goals of the business as a whole can help to ensure that you allocate the right resources, establish reasonable timescales, and build the right infrastructure to achieve more than a technological implementation.  It will prepare you to undergo a digital transformation.   Based on our experience of strategic...

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PLM, Helping to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

On a personal level, our style and methods of living determine the amount of greenhouse gases we contribute to the global environment.  Discounting natural sources and focusing on the carbon dioxide we produce through transport, food, fuel, services and so on allows to calculate what’s commonly referred to as our “carbon footprint”.   Whether we like to dwell on the fact or not, the choices we make and the habits we fall into – whether we bike to work; whether we consumer locally-produced meat - have a major environmental impact. This is an equation plenty of us have wrestled with in our...

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